Zero Waste Gift Boxes – the only thing you need this holiday

Zero Waste Gift Boxes – the only thing you need this holiday
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Don’t you wish you could snap your fingers and have all your holiday shopping done? Better yet, have those gifts delivered to your door with zero plastic packaging? Oooh—even better! Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the gifts were actually good for the planet, instead of some random gift that’s never gonna get used? Sound too good to be true, right? Well, read on, my friend . . .

The holiday season is here. And for the most part, that’s a good thing. Christmas is no doubt my favorite time of the year, but there’s also this looming cloud coming in with all the things I have to do . . . like figure out what to give everyone in my family, and how to avoid Black Friday Shoppers even if it means hibernating in my cave of an apartment all Thanksgiving weekend.

Lucky for me, my family has decided to do Secret Santa this year. Who am I kidding . . . I totally planted that idea in their heads 😛 . So, instead of having an absurd amount of gifts, we’re being more intentional and a little less consumeristic this year. You see, in the past, I’ve felt this blistering guilt in the pit of my stomach about the amount of gifts that lie under our tree each year. I know that’s a totally privileged thing to say, and I fully acknowledge that, but it gets to me, especially as I’ve made my way over to a minimal, low-waste lifestyle. Let’s be honest, the holidays have become drenched with consumerism, and the truth is: we can be just as happy without all that stuff.


So, what’s the big deal about giving gifts?

Did you know that most of the trash that ends up in landfills every year is actually created over the holidays? Yep! Those 2 months at the end of the year are the woolly mammoth of trash. Think about it: wrapping paper, tape, gift bags, boxes, plastic packaging, online deliveries, and gifts that you didn’t really want or need. It’s redonculous!

EarthHero is taking a hard look at this issue and has come out with Zero Waste Gift Boxes. They’ve got with 3 different options depending on how much you wanna spend, and they’re jam-packed with sustainable, eco-friendly products that can help anyone lower their waste. Another cool thing about EarthHero is they’re extremely intentional about the way they pack and ship their products. These gift boxes are no exception. You won’t find any plastic air pillows or bubble wrap here. Plus, they’ll be minimally packed and shipped with carbon-neutral shipping. Yep! You heard right: Carbon. Neutral. Shipping. Maybe other online retailers will take note. ??Image of several items in the zero waste gift boxes from EarthHero

Get Your Zero Waste Gift Box


You can give a box to your BFF who’s totally on-board the sustainability train, or give one to your man who could use a little help in the eco-department, like mine 😉 . Even better, since these gift boxes have so many goodies inside, you can divvy them up into multiple gifts or use them as stocking stuffers. It’s like buying that gargantuan variety pack of Halloween candy, but better! I know that if I opened up my stocking to see a bamboo toothbrush, kick-ass reusable produce bags, and a stasher bag, you better believe I’d thinking Santa still existed and he somehow magically got into my head.

Here’s what the MacDaddy gift box looks like:

Image of several items in the zero waste gift boxes from EarthHero


Get Your Zero Waste Gift Box

Now, you might be thinking that the person you wanna give to may already have some of these items. If that’s the case, you could also build your own zero waste gift box by hand-picking sustainable products from EarthHero’s website. It’ll still have all the benefits of the gift box, except it’ll be completely customized to the person you wanna give to.

I, myself, have always preferred functional gifts. I guess that inner minimalist has always been a part of me. And even though my mom wasn’t crazy about the fact that my dad bought her a leaf blower one year for Christmas, I would’ve totally loved that gift if I’d had some leaves to blow! This year, I have my eye on a bidet attachment for my toilet, so I can reduce my TP waste. Now, that may sound boring AF, but believe me—that shit lights me up. Know why? ‘Cus it’s super useful. I mean, you can only have so many earrings, yoga pants, and chunky boots! Am I right?

Grab your Zero Waste Gift Box here


Image of several items in the zero waste gift boxes from EarthHero


I love the idea behind these zero waste gift boxes because they’re functional, epicly good for the environment, and are the perfect gift for anyone, whether they’re a newbie to low-waste living, or are ready to up their zero waste game.

So, this year, I Say Screw Black Friday! Screw The Crowds. And Screw Consumerism. Why don’t we sit back, enjoy the moments we have with our family and friends, and support businesses that are making the world a little better (and greener)?

Let’s be merry. And most important, let’s be intentional with the way that we give.


Get Your Zero Waste Gift Box

I’ve got some extra goodies for you:

  1. During my Secret Santa duties, I stumbled upon this online Secret Santa Picker which allowed me to remotely do all of the name picking, keeping everyone’s pick anonymous.
  2. See how to wrap all your gifts this year with minimal, zero waste wrapping.

Image of several items in the zero waste gift boxes from EarthHero

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