7 Mindful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Your Beau Will Never Forget

7 Mindful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Your Beau Will Never Forget
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Valentine’s Day has become another consumerist spectacle, meant to persuade us to buy and impress with our extravagant, expensive gifts. But if you take all that crap away, Valentine’s Day actually gives you the chance to show your love and appreciation for your partner (or your bestie!). So I’ve put together this list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you experience and celebrate V-Day in a meaningful way without having to spend your entire paycheck on it (and without having to douse your gifts in unnecessary packaging).


Here are 7 Mindful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:


Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card



Making your own V-Day card allows you to intentionally skip the generic, plastic-wrapped Hallmark cards being shipped across the country.

Got some cardboard, craft paper, or card-stock laying around? Let’s put them to good use, along with those sharpies and colored gel pens that have been collecting dust in the back of your desk drawer.

And if your craft skills aren’t so craftastic, or if any activity that involves you and scissors is a hazard to everyone involved, then the next-best scenario is to buy a V-Day card that’s made locally by some badass illustrator who put their heart and soul into making something special.


Bust Out Your Cooking Chops with Local Ingredients


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If your partner is anything like me, then you know their stomach is the key to their heart. But you don’t have to splurge on the salmon from Peru or the fancy wine from France to show them how much you love them. Instead, why not cook the entire meal (or most of it!) with locally sourced ingredients? This cuts down on your meal’s carbon footprint and allows you to support your local farmers, foragers, and fishermen. Added bonus: local ingredients usually come with less packaging, so it’s a double win on the environmental front!



Give Farm-to-Table a Try


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Sure, you could go to any old restaurant to celebrate with your beau. But you could also check out a farm-to-table restaurant where everything (or almost everything) comes from local farms. You see, when your food travels a short distance to get to you, it’s packed with more nutrients and flavor. So much so, that it often leaves you wondering what you’ve been eating all these years.


Put a Spin on Quintessential Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


an image of stacks of chocolate squares


Yeaaaa . . . you could go to CVS and grab a good ole’ box o’chocolates. But considering that that’s the most generic thing you could probably think of, let’s add a more mindful spin to that Valentine’s Day staple.

For instance, are there any local chocolate makers you can get your loot from? Their chocolate will likely be way tastier than anything you can get in the store. And who knows, they might even be able to make something custom for you to show your favorite person just how much they mean to you.



Spring for a Bottle of Wine Made with Intention


an image of a cheese cheese board and wine


If you’re springing for a nice bottle of wine, try to choose one that also has sustainable benefits. Here’s a quick guide on terms to look for:

Natural – although this is not a regulated term, ‘natural’ wines imply that no chemicals or additives are used during the growth and fermentation process. It’s also said that natural wines make a whole lot of difference the day after since they don’t give you a hangover.

Organic – the term organic means no synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers were exposed to the grapes during the growth process. Organic wines can still contain naturally-occurring sulfates (which are what give you the potential hangover that’s attached to most regular, non-organic/natural wines). Wine can only be labeled ‘organic’ if it passes all of the standards required to be certified.

Biodynamic – like organic wines, biodynamic wines are free of synthetic additives. But they’re on another level when it comes to growing grapes that are truly in tune with nature. The grapes used in biodynamic wines are grown as part of a greater ecosystem, which considers moon cycles and sees the growth of anything as part of a larger ecosystem of plants and animals working together as one. Everything is an important part of the cycle.

Local – as I mentioned above,  buying local has so many benefits (both economically and environmentally). So, if you have access to it, buying a local wine is also a great option.



Why Not Experience Each Other Instead?


image of a couple riding a four-wheeler


How about skipping the gifts altogether and opting for an experience instead? Think immersive theatre, taking a ceramics class, or a weekend getaway. The possibilities are limitless. And if you’re scratching your head, thinking of what they hell to do, here are over 55 different gift experiences you can check out.


Exchange Affirmations – the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


image of a couple holding hands at the table


Ok, I know this one sounds supperrrrrr corny, but just hear me out. Wilson and I learned about this at . . . a version of couples therapy. And it does wonders for your relationship. Instead of giving physical gifts, try giving affirmations to your partner instead. Here’s what that can look like:

  • I want to affirm you for getting everything prepped for our taxes. It really overwhelms me and it feels amazing to not have to worry about it.
  • I want to affirm you for giving me a back rub last week when I was really stressed out.
  • I want to affirm you for how affectionate you are. It makes me feel loved and appreciated.
  • I want to affirm you for that sweet note you left on my desk.

Doing something like this with your partner can be a total game-changer for your relationship. And if you know anything about the book: the 5 Love Languages, then you know just what I’m talkin’ about. It’s also probably my favorite of all of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas. What’s yours?





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