5 things you can do with your reusable coffee cup

5 things you can do with your reusable coffee cup
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Multifunctionality. It’s one of the key principles of sustainability. However, we are often trained by excellent marketing ads to think we need the perfect tool for every job. To clean the house, we NEED: Windex for our windows, Lysol for our counter tops, Scrubbing Bubbles for the shower, Multi-Surface Cleaner for mopping the floor, etc, etc, etc. In reality, we can actually use one cleaner for most of the above. And by buying less, we are able to avoid the packaging that comes with each of those items, as well as the resources and energy needed to produce them.

My shining example of multifunctionality lies with the one and only ecoffee cup. Now, you’re probably a bit confused since it just sounds like a cup, but in reality its the cup of your dreams. Ok, maybe not your dreams, but certainly mine.


What exactly is an ecoffee cup?

Its a reusable coffee cup made out of sustainable materials: bamboo fibre and food-grade silicone. Because its extremely lightweight and has a silicone lid, it can be used for so much more than drinking hot liquids. I’ve used it for at least 5 different tasks, but I bet you could pull a few more tricks out of your sleeve. I always thought you were creative . . . 😉


Image of a black ecoffee cup resting on top of coffee beans on a wooden surface BPA-Free • Phthalate Free • Dishwasher Safe


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Here are 5 things you can do with your reusable coffee cup:

1. Taking Home Leftovers:

When eating out, I love getting leftovers . . . we all do! But I hate the takeaway containers they give you. They’re usually made of non-recyclable materials, or are made out of plastic #5 (not all that recyclable either). Instead, I whip out my reusable coffee cup, fill it with all the yummy goodness, and slap the lid on. Depending on how liquidy the food is, or how tight I’ve packed it, I put a rubber band on (just in case it decides to get handsy on the ride home).


Image of an ecoffee cup filled with leftover food on a wooden surface Waste Free Leftovers

2. Snacking on the Go:

A reusable coffee cup is the perfect portion size for snacking. I’ve packed lettuce wraps, fruits and veggies, and even salad in it. I find it most helpful when going on a plane because I can take food onboard without having to use plastic tupperware or a heavy glass container. It also allows me to avoid the excessively packaged food on the plane and at the airport.


Image of an ecoffee cup filled with mangoes and strawberries on a wooden surface

3. Traveling:

I often pack items (like toiletries or produce bags) inside of the cup when traveling. It doesn’t require any extra space or add any weight to my bag, and is a great little case for protecting items.


Image of a reusable coffee cup filled with toiletries on a wooden surface This guy is TSA approved

4. Buying in Bulk:

I often make last minute trips to the grocery where I don’t have my bulk bags on me. In a case like this, I can use my reusable coffee cup to grab an item like almond butter, granola, or trail mix from the bulk section. This is super helpful when trying to avoid unnecessary packaging during an unexpected grocery run.


Image of an ecoffee cup filled with trail mix

5. Coffee . . . Duh!

And of course, we have the reason it was invented for: Coffee. And tea! Oooh oooh, and hot chocolate!! It’s also got to be the sexiest coffee cup you’ve ever seen.


Image of a reusable coffee cup filled with a latte


So what do you think of this reusable coffee cup? Any other uses come to mind?

What’s your best reuse story? 


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