A Sustainability Coach is the new Professional Organizer. Here’s why you should have one

A Sustainability Coach is the new Professional Organizer. Here’s why you should have one
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A professional organizer is “a person who can help you organize any of the physical and digital spaces in your life — a closet, a kitchen, or [your] home office. She (and it’s almost always a she) will offer support for decision-making, facilitate actions around removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems, from shelving to labels, that help her clients establish order and clarity” (The New York Times). In the same way that people hire a nutritionist, physical trainer, or professional organizer to help them with specific aspects of their life, they’re now doing the same to help them lower their personal and household footprints. You see, more so than ever, people wanna make more conscious decisions and reduce their environmental impact. But like most of us, they don’t have the energy, resources, or time to get it done on their own. That’s where a sustainability coach comes in.


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Yes, you can technically do it on your own.

You can spend hours googling sustainable alternatives to the droves of single-use plastic in your life. You can try to make all of your personal care products at home to avoid buying products with harmful chemicals. And you can try to figure out the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint on your own.


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But the question is: Are you going to? And to follow that up, do you really have the time?

The truth is: most people can make these changes on their own. But with a million-and-one other things to get done during the day, a career to balance, and sometimes a few kids running around, sustainable habit changes aren’t at the top of the list. And with the overarching fear and eco-anxiety lurking around climate change and plastic pollution, it can feel really overwhelming not knowing where to begin or what will have the most impact. Especially since scientists say we have about 10 years to avoid a climate catastrophe…

But with the support of a sustainability coach, all of this can be organized … even if you’re on a tight budget and you’ve got a crazy work schedule. And especially if you’ve got a partner who cares less about the planet than you. And with less hours in the day than ever, this service is in high demand.


A sustainability coach is a professional organizer who will show you which eco-friendly products make the most sense for your lifestyle.

She knows which products will save you the most money and which are free of toxic chemicals. She’ll also share valuable resources that allow you to skip the endless hours of online research and get right to the solutions that prioritize your specific values and concerns. And she’ll help you establish sustainable habits that are easy to maintain, save you a ton of time, and simplify your daily routine.

So while a professional organizer can help you take an inventory of your belongings and streamline and organize what you want to keep, while getting rid of clutter. A sustainability coach helps you audit the products you use daily, from cleaning and kitchen storage to personal care and bathroom products. And they make sure that the products you’re bringing into your home are safe and healthy for you and the planet.


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A sustainability coach can also help you take a look at your home’s carbon footprint. This includes the foods you’re eating and how far they travel to get to you and how much energy you’re using on a daily basis. She also factors in the amount of waste you create and how that contributes to your personal and household footprint. In addition, she can take a look at your buying habits to help you make more sustainable choices: plain and simple.

Working with a sustainability coach is about taking inventory of your current routines and the products you use, and implementing sustainable changes in a way you can maintain. It’s about giving you the tools and information you need to make sustainable choices long after your partnership is done.




Hmmm … I’m still a little unsure.

Here’s the thing: just like a professional organizer, a sustainability coach is not coming into your home to make you feel bad about your current lifestyle. And she’s definitely not gonna judge you for the non-eco-friendly products you use, or shame you for the amount of trash you create. She’s here to help you switch on an awareness that allows you to make informed decisions about what products you bring into your home. And she’ll help you do it in the most sustainable (and easy) way.

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And don’t worry. Working with a Sustainability Coach isn’t gonna cost you an arm and a leg.

There are several options depending on the type of support you want. But once you consider how much you’ll be saving on those 101 products you don’t need, the service pays for itself. In addition, you’ll no longer be exposed to products with nasty toxins that can have long-lasting health effects on your body. So the health benefits alone means you’ll also spend a lot less on medical care over the course of your life.

So rather than randomly throwing money at expensive eco products that may or may not be a bunch of green-washing hooey, or wasting your precious time trying to sift through the internet, why not be intentional with finding a support system that caters specifically to you, your personal needs, and your daily routine? Why not get information you can trust from someone who’s already done the legwork and research, and can give you the support you need to actually take action and maintain that newfound sustainable awareness for the rest of your life?




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