2021 Holiday Gift Guide: black owned businesses for all your gifting needs

2021 Holiday Gift Guide: black owned businesses for all your gifting needs
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This ain’t your average gift guide.

No no. This one is loaded with inspiration to make your home (and your giftee’s home!) cozy, unique and warm. And with so many of us spending more and more time at home, creating an inviting space to work and unwind is more important than ever. This curated holiday gift guide also has another very special element to it. All of these gifts are made by woman owned and black owned businesses, which means they’re a great way to shop your values. And although it may not seem obvious at first, racial equity and gender equality are crucial to fighting climate change. So these gifts are inherently more sustainably than buying any old gift. Let’s dive in…

2021 Holiday Gift Guide
featuring woman owned + black owned businesses



Pepper Palm

Image of a hand painted pot, one of many gift ideas for the holidays

“Unique designs for pottery and plant displays”

Pepper Palm works with lots of recycled materials to make her one of a kind creations. From hand painted pots to unique hanging plant creations, this Etsy shop will liven up any living space.

Located in Nashville, TN • Woman Owned + Black Owned Business


The Hood Garden


Image of a hot red pepper, sold by black owned businesses


“The Hood Garden is an organic oasis in the midst of a food desert.”

From Moruga scorpion seeds to paprika, this is the perfect gift for your friends and fam who can’t get enough spice in their life and are ready to grow their own hot AF peppers at home.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA • Woman Owned + Black Owned Business


Roses Leaves


Image of 3 potted houseplants on a wicker basket stand, grown by black owned businesses in the US


“Uncommon Plants for the Curious Collector”

At this stage in the instagram vortex we all live in, just about everyone has a monstera or a pothos plant in their apartment. Which is why this is the perfect gift for anyone who’s ready to up their plant game with unique plants you won’t find in your neighborhood plant store.

Located in Bradenton, FL • Woman Owned + Black Owned Business




Image of a black and white pillow

“African-inspired textile design with authentic Brooklyn flare”

From handcrafted pillow cases to modern furniture pieces, these creations will bring pattern and originality to any living room.

Located in Brooklyn, NY • Woman Owned + Black Owned Business




Image of a handmade fire starter, an uniquie and different gift for the holidays


“sustainable, unique, and minimalistic”

These may look like candles. But they’re not. They’re actually fire starters for kindling your outdoor fire or indoor fireplace. Each fire starter is hand poured with natural elements like cinnamon and citrus.

Located in Colorado • Woman Owned + Black Owned Business


Terra Mater Studio


Image of a hand made soy candle, made by one of many amazing black owned businesses “gift ideas for every occasion”

Ok, so this one actually is a candle. A very important one at that. Not only do these candles smell incredible, but they also donate 10% of all profits to the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and OutRight Action International. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Made of 100% Soy Wax (from local farmers) & Certified Organic fragrances and essential oils

Located in Austin, TX • Woman Owned + Black Owned Business

Support woman owned and black owned businesses for all your gifting needs

From zero waste fire starters to hand painted plant pots to pepper seeds that will literally light your mouth on fire, this holiday gift guide has a little bit of everything. Any of these gifts are sure to warm up any home they find themselves in. Not only that, supporting small businesses owned by women of color is incredibly important to moving the needle in terms of equity, equality and sustainability. Shopping from businesses like these enables you to take an intersectional approach to the way you shop.

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