Ecosia: an eco friendly search engine

Ecosia: an eco friendly search engine
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Ok maybe you have to lift a finger, but literally, only one finger . . .

How many times a day (or week) do you Google something?


Do you know that Google performs approximately 40,000 search queries every single second (InternetLiveStats)? This means that in the time it takes you to read this blog, 11 million Google searches will be executed, and that’s not even considering the other search engines out there. With so many people scouring the internet looking for eco-friendly products and solutions, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could magically turn those searches into effortless acts of philanthropy? You bet your ass it would! Which is exactly why I wanna introduce you to the world’s first Carbon Neutral Search Engine! Ecosia.

Ecosia is “a search engine that uses at least 80% of its profits from search ad revenue for tree planting projects.” By using Ecosia (instead of Google/Bing), you facilitate reforestation projects all over the world, and the best part is: it requires zero effort. All you have to do is flick on the switch, and let there by light! (or trees, in this case).

This is Ecosia’s Homepage. It looks just like Mr. Gooog, but also shows the ever-increasing number of trees planted as a result of Ecosia’s funding.

Image of the Ecosia Search Engine Home Page showing the number of Trees planted as a result of people using their search engine


So how does it all work?

“Like any other search engine, Ecosia earns money from clicks on [ads] that appear above and beside the search results” (Ecosia). What’s so ingenious about their approach is they’ve taken something that most of the world already does, and converted it into a profit generator, whose sole purpose is to better the planet. This is a key differentiation between Ecosia and other philanthropic endeavors because their model facilitates the tangible result of planting trees, all while demanding nothing from the ‘giver.’

Gimme the Hard Facts.

The best way to explain how this all translates is to show you the money! In December of 2017, Ecosia’s monthly income was €851,734. Of that total, they invested €470,215 into tree planting, which equates to 55% of their income and 80% of their profits (Ecosia). In that month alone, they funded the planting of 1,871,542 trees in Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

Image of a pie chart showing allocation of funds for December 2017 from Ecosia Ecosia Financial Report: December 2017

Allocation of Funds:

Image showing the different allocation of funds for December 2017

Click Here to see Ecosia’s full Financial Report for December 2017

and if you really want to dig into it . . .

Click Here to see ALL of Ecosia’s Financial Reports

So how will I know what my impact is?

Below is what a typical search looks like. On the top right, you’ll see your own Personal Tree Counter. Since the funds come from ad revenue, they estimate it takes approximately 45 searches to plant 1 tree.


Image of the Search Engine showing the Personal Tree Counter


My Personal Tree Counter is at 449, which means I’ve facilitated the planting of approximately 10 trees in just a few months, which is a hell of a lot more trees than I was planting before (a.k.a none).

Image showing the details of the Personal Tree Counter from Ecosia


But I love Google!

If you’re a techie (like my husband), you might be resistant to making the switch. And there’s probably a big question on your mind: Is the Ecosia search engine as good as Google? Fear not my friend! Their search engine is actually powered by Bing, which is ranked as the second best search engine out there. In fact, many even argue that Bing is steadily narrowing the divide between their search engine and Google’s. So what do you have to lose? Absolutely NADA!

If you currently use Google Chrome, click here to get the free Ecosia Chrome Extension. If you’re using an iOS device, click here to download the app. And lastly, if you’re using a different browser, you can simply change your default homepage to Ecosia.

Ultimately, this is a switch that requires nothing from you. I bet you’ve been in at least one relationship that required you to give everything, while getting nothing back in return. This is the total opposite, so what’s not to love? DOOO ITTTT!!!



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