The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List
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As someone who’s pretty conscious of your environmental footprint, my guess is you’re probably a little stumped about what to get for people this holiday season. You need eco friendly gift ideas, but the last thing you wanna do this weekend is head out into the Black Friday Madness.

But what if you could stay inside this weekend, avoid the crazy lines, and get all of your holiday shopping done under the warm and cozy blanket that’s patiently waiting for you on your couch? What if you could order all your holiday gifts from one, single website that doesn’t leave a big, fat footprint on the planet, and still allows you to get everything you need? Even better, what if that website sent everything to you with carbon-neutral shipping and minimal plastic-free packaging?

The good news is, every item in this gift guide comes with the added bonus of everything I just mentioned: carbon-neutral shipping and packaging you won’t have to feel guilty about. This list of eco friendly gift ideas is sure to help you find gifts for all of the peeps in your life. Without a trace of eco guilt in sight.

This means you can just chill… and sit on that couch. 😛

Oh and before I forget … EarthHero, the website where all these kickass gifts are available will plant 5 trees for every order you make between now and Christmas. Go get ’em tiger!


Here’s My 2019 Edition of Eco Friendly Gift Ideas:


For the one who thinks luxury and eco just can’t go together


photo of a linen blanket on the back of a chair

This linen throw blanket by Linen Casa is the epitome of luxury. It’s soft, cozy, and wayyy more breathable than most synthetic throw blankets.

What makes it sustainable? The fabric is Oeko-Tex® certified, which means it’s free of harmful chemicals, dyes, and synthetic fibers, and it meets very strict environmental standards.

For the music junkie


a photo of black headphones by House of Marley

These House of Marley headphones are a total home run. Not only are they super comfortable and sustainably made. They also deliver some of the best sound quality for the price.

What makes them sustainable? The company uses a mix of plant-based fabrics, recycled materials, and sustainably harvested wood to create their  products. They also plant trees for every product sold, ensuring that every purchase has a positive ripple effect.

For the one who’s always cold

(a.k.a. me!)


a pair of Kyrgies wool slippers

I’m totally *that girl* who wears a sweater on a swampy New York summer night. And if you’ve got anyone in your life like me, do them a solid by keeping them warm this winter with these cozy slippers by Kyrgies.

What makes them sustainable? These slippers are made of ethically sourced and harvested wool, leather suede, and non-toxic vegetable dyes.

For the makeup lover

A make up compact by Elate

Most women (with the exception of myself) lurveeee their makeup. But the packaging and toxic ingredients that go hand-in-hand with makeup just aren’t gonna cut it anymore. This makes Elate Cosmetics the perfect sustainable alternative for the makeup addict in your life who just isn’t willing to sacrifice on quality (and why should she?).

This universal makeup cream can be used as a blush, eye shadow, or even lip color. You know I love a good multifunctional product! And to slap some icing on that sustainable cake, when its all done, you can just buy a refill and pop it into the original bamboo compact.

What makes it sustainable? All of Elate’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and don’t contain parabens or phthalates (2 toxins you don’t want anywhere near your body). In addition, most of their ingredients are organic and fair trade, which means that nasty chemicals and unfair factories just aren’t part of their schtick.



For the new momma whose kid just can’t stop chewing on her sh*t


a necklace made from wooden beads by [x]


New mommas beware! Your kid will tug and bite on everything within grabbing distance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. These chunky necklaces are super stylish and 100% safe for your kids to chow down on – something that’s especially helpful during those dreadful teething months.

What makes it sustainable? These necklaces by Chewable Charm are made of food-grade silicone, organic maple wood, satin string, and are finished with organic beeswax and coconut oil. They’re also BPA, PVC, latex, phthalate and lead freeeeeee!

For the friend who’s pup really is their child


a monkey plush from Beco Family

People’s pets are their kids. And if you’ve got a friend with an overly hairy kid, they’ve gotta have some play toys. This cute little nugget is the way to go.

What makes it sustainable? This bad boy is made from 15 recycled plastic bottles and is built to last (unlike most cheap-o dog toys that fall apart after a long, hard play-date). It is made by Beco Pets, a company known for its high standards in ethical and social responsibility. Plus, it donates 5% of all profits to its very own animal charity.

For the yogi


a non-slip plastic yoga mat from Nomadix

If your best friend is anything like mine, she sweats bullets when she’s doing yoga, which is why a non-slip yoga towel is the perfect gift for any sweaty (or non-sweaty) yogi in your life.

What makes it sustainable? This yoga towel is made from recycled plastic bottles. And Nomadix, the company that makes it, is also part of 1% for the planet, which means they donate 1% of all their revenue to planet-saving organizations.

For the kid you just can’t stand buying another plastic hunk of garbage for


a wooden monkey glockenspiel by Green Tones

Wooden toys don’t have to be seen as these archaic things our parents were forced to play with. They can actually be pretty cool, and if you’re scratching your head for something to buy that niece, nephew, or friend’s kid for the holidays, look no further than this plastic-free music-maker. It’s really called a glockenspiel, but that sh*t’s way too complicated to pronounce, so we’ll go with music-maker. 😛

What makes it sustainable? It’s plastic free and, although that should be enough, we’ll take it a step further. Green Tones‘ products use metal and sustainably harvested wood. They also use water-based, nontoxic, chemical-free dyes, finishes and glues. Plus, they’re part of 1% for the planet, putting their money where their mouth is!

For the tea lover


Image of a glass jar filled with herbal tea on top of sheet music


Whoever said tea had to come in a bag? If you’ve got any legit tea enthusiasts in your life, then they’ll fall in love with this herbal, aromatherapy tea.

What makes it sustainable? This handcrafted tea is made in small batches right here in the USA. It’s free of preservatives, parabens, and synthetics, and is harvested from pesticide-free plants.

For the serial entertainer

(also a great housewarming gift)

a picture of three handmade wooden serving bowls, spoons, and tray

These handmade serving bowls are not only gorgeous, but the quality is incredible, which means they’ll be sure to stand the test of time.

What makes them sustainable? The family-owned business that makes these bowls and serving platters plants trees for every product sold. In addition, their products are handmade using sustainably harvested wood, and everything is shipped in recyclable materials.

Finding the perfect gift can be a struggle, especially when juggling travel, family visits, food prep, and whatever else the holidays decide to throw at you (knock on wood). But if you didn’t find a sustainable gift that’s juuuussstt right, you can check out my other eco friendly gift ideas, as well as holiday tips like finding eco-friendly wrapping paper and throwing a zero-waste holiday party!



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