10+ Eco Friendly Cleaning Products You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

10+ Eco Friendly Cleaning Products You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner
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Cleaning products. They’re supposed to make your home clean…right? So why do most of them have tons of nasty chemicals in them that we really shouldn’t be breathing or touching? And why are so many of them made of synthetic materials that’ll never break down in a landfill and can’t be recycled either? There’s gotta be a cleaner way to clean our homes without leaving such a negative footprint on the planet.

And the good news is: there is. I’m about to show you some of the coolest eco friendly cleaning products out there. That is, if you think cleaning is cool. You do think cleaning is cool…right?

Just me? Well alright then, I’m still gonna share these bad boys with you. Cuz at least I think they’re pretty awesome…

Eco friendly cleaning products that are better for you, your home and the planet:


(Plastic Free) Dish Soap Block


Image of a person holding a dish brush and a block of concentrated dish soap, an eco friendly solution to washing your dishes


This mac-daddy bar of dish soap is the perfect way to ditch plastic in the kitchen while making your dishes squeaky clean

It’s vegan and cruelty-free • Handmade in the USA • Palm Oil Free & SLS free

Manufactured in a facility that uses solar energy • Shipped in plastic-free, compostable or recyclable packaging

Plus: for every order, Bestowed Essentials (the maker of this soap) collects & recycles 1 lb of beach trash








Plant-Based Sponge

Image of two plant-based sponges This sponge is made of cellulose and walnut shells, which means it doesn’t have the synthetic materials used in most sponges (that will never biodegrade). The company that makes it is a Certified B Corp Certified, which means they’ve passed some serious environmental and ethical standards to get where they are

It’s compostable • Ships in recycled and/or recyclable packaging



Wooden Cleaning Brushes

These plastic-free wooden brushes are ideal for cleaning dishes, surfaces around your home and even for cleaning your veggies

They’re made of natural undyed beechwood and tampico fiber bristles • No glues, chemicals, plastic or BPA




Heavy Duty Scrub

Image of a can of cleaning scrub, one of may eco friendly cleaning products you can use in your home


This non-toxic abrasive is a whiz at getting tough grime outta your kitchen and bathroom

Made in the USA • Vegan and Cruelty-free • No synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives or SLS

Meliora (the maker of this product) is part of 1% for the Planet and is a certified B Corp • Ships in 100% Recyclable and Plastic-Free Packaging



Heavy Duty Loofah SpongeImage of a stack of loofah scrubbers, which are eco friendly cleaning products you can use in your home

These plant-based bad boys can scrub anything off of just about anything in your kitchen or bathroom

Made of unbleached, raw loofah • 100% plant fiber • completely compostable (even in your backyard!)

Vegan • Ships in plastic free, compostable or recyclable packaging


Glass Spray Bottles


Image of two glass spray bottles, which are helpful when using eco friendly cleaning products in your home

These glass spray bottles are ideal for mixing and storing your homemade cleaners or any cleaner that you use


Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner

You can use this concentrated all-purpose cleaner for cleaning just about anything in your home: countertops, windows, floors, sinks, tubs and even moldy areas. No fragrances, synthetic chemicals, dyes, petrochemicals, phosphates or other hazardous ingredients

Made from 100% renewable resources • biodegrades aerobically & anaerobically

No “skull and crossbones” warnings on the label so you know its actually non-toxic



Reusable Cleaning TowelsImage of a stack of reusable cloth towels, excellent companions to your eco friendly cleaning routine

These reusable cloth towels can do the work of thousands of paper towels. And the best part is: you never have to worry about refills since you just toss them in with your laundry

Machine Washable • Made of Cotton • Handmade in the USA


Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Image of a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner, an ideal solution for eco friendly cleaning in your bathroom

Plant-based, biodegradable toilet bowl cleaner • Packaged in a bottle that’s made of 100% recycled plastic

Free of chlorine, synthetic fragrances, dyes and ammonia • No harsh fumes • Cruelty free



Wooden Toilet Brush


Image of a wooden toilet bowl brush set

Plastic Free Toilet Brush

Made of sustainably harvested beechwood, pig hair bristles, steel wire and a terra cotta ceramic dish



Reusable Swiffer PadsImage of three reusable mop/swiffer pads

These washable mop pads can be used over and over again and are designed to fit any standard Swiffer Sweeper or Clorox ReadyMop

Packaged in Compostable/Recyclable Paper • Made of Cotton Chenille • Handmade in the USA




Non-Toxic Laundry Ball


Image of a laundry ball resting on its box

This is the ultimate non-toxic alternative to laundry detergent

Reusable for 365 Loads • Just as effective as detergent (and cheaper too!)

 Saves water and energy • Chemical free • Fragrance-Free • Zero chemical runoff into waterways




Non-Toxic Stain Remover


Image of a non-toxic stain stick coming out of its box


This stain stick gets tough stains and dirt out of your clothes

It’s free of: SLS, SLES, parabens, pthalates, petroleum distillates, phosphates, dyes, artificial fragrance, hydrogenated oils or preservatives


Non-Toxic Drain Cleaner

Image of a bottle of eco friendly drain cleaner

This clears up any drain issues without damaging your pipes and without releasing toxic chemicals into our waterways

Vegan and Cruelty Free • free of dyes, parabens, phosphates and phthalates

Safe for septic systems & greywater-safe • Made in a facility that’s powered by renewable energy




I hope that helps! I made sure to choose eco friendly cleaning products across the entire cleaning spectrum. But if I missed anything, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to help you find an eco friendly solution to any other part of your home or cleaning routine ✌?



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