Sponge-Bob Nasty Pants

Sponge-Bob Nasty Pants
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Hey, when’s the last time you threw out your sponge?
**SPOILER ALERT: probably not recent enough**


A recent study published on Scientific reports proved that your kitchen sponge contains more bacteria than your toilet. And what do you do with that bacteria-infested sponge? You wipe it all over your kitchen counter and inside of your fridge, and you bathe your dishes in its dowries. With that said, scientists recommend that you throw out your sponge weekly, and you are supposed to sanitize it EVERYDAY. I ain’t got time for that shit . . . and you don’t either!

Most kitchen sponges are made of cellulose (natural fibres). However, the scrubby part is typically made of polyester or nylon. These materials are neither recyclable nor biodegradable and are made from nonrenewables such as oil and gas. Nuff said. Those sponges have a huge carbon footprint, and will sit in your landfill for centuries. Instead of contributing 52 sponges to your landfill every year, or bathing your sponge in intoxicating amounts bleach, how can you keep your kitchen clean without adding to landfills or using toxic chemicals?

So what are some eco-friendly alternatives to sponges?


Swedish Dishcloth

Find it on Amazon »

Image of a Swedish Dishcloth

Made out of natural and renewable fibers • Biodegradable/compostable • Lasts 9-12 months

Does the work of 17 paper towels • Air dries quicker than a sponge (reducing bacteria)

Can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine up to 200 times!

Copper Scour

Find it on Amazon »

Image of Copper Scours

Gets rids of any baked on food residue • Packaged in a paper box

Can be recycled once its lived a life full of pot-scrubbin

Linen Dish Rags
(or make your own from old clothes)

Find it on Etsy » 

Image of Linen Dish Rags
Linen Cloth by LinenStars

Machine washable • Replaces paper towels & sponges • Long Lasting

Cleaning Brushes

Find it Online »

Image of a Cleaning Brush made of wood and metal

Great for cleaning water bottles with a narrow neck • Ethically made

Made of sustainably harvested beechwood, metal and natural fibres • Plastic Free

Cleaning Brushes

 Find it Online »

 Image of a wooden cleaning brush with natural bristles

Great for cleaning fruits and veggies • Ethically made

Made of sustainably harvested beechwood and natural fibres • Plastic Free


MYTH BUSTERS (sponge edition): I heard that microwaving your sponge gets rid of the bacteria. Couldn’t I do that instead?

BUSTED: Microwaving your sponge only eliminates the weak bacteria, leaving lots of real estate for the silverback gorilla of bacteria to spread its legs and procreate. **good luck trying to get rid of that visual**

See my eco-friendly faves on Amazon

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