The Best Christmas Gifts for 2020

The Best Christmas Gifts for 2020
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Real quick… let’s just call out the elephant in the room. This holiday season is gonna look verrrryyyyy different from past years.

We may not physically be with our friends and family this December due to the pandemic, but we can still maintain normalcy by keeping a few things intact. And yes, I’m talking about gifts! Even though we can’t open them together, we can totally do it over Zoom. I’ve actually been doing this with my family for years since I’ve lived away from them for over a decade. So I’ve put together a list of the best Christmas Gifts for 2020. And I made sure they’re all covid-friendly and mindful of my good ole friend: Mother Earth.



The Best Christmas Gifts for 2020

(people/planet/pandemic edition)



Audio Books that Support Local Bookstores


Image of a stack of books wearing headphones, audiobooks are one of the best Christmas gifts for 2020


This year, we’ve been reminded of the importance of supporting our local economies. And has found a way to do just that. is an audiobook subscription that allows you to buy audiobooks through a local bookstore. When you subscribe (or purchase a subscription as a Christmas gift), you can choose which local bookstore you’d like to go through. My subscription goes through a local black, woman-owned bookstore called Cafe Con Libros in Brooklyn.

This is a great alternative to audible (aka Amazon), which has been the only way to get audiobooks for soooo long. And the app has everything that audible offers. But instead of all your money going to the big corporations, it goes directly to the local bookstore of your choice. They also offer lots of gift subscriptions from 1 month to 6 months, so it can work for any budget.



A Macramé Kit

(or any kind of craft kit for that matter)


Image of a plant in a macramé plant hanger in the window


We’ve got more time at home than ever, which means you’ve probably been trying to pickup a new hobby over the past few months. I myself love a good craft project, and I’ve had my eye on macramé for quite some time. With this macramé kit from Etsy, you can create your own plant hanger to spruce up your home and your plant collection. It comes with simple step-by-step instructions and all of the materials you need, including a piece of driftwood and a cotton macramé cord. Added bonus…if you do happen to spend time with family members that you’re not crazy about, this would be the perfect Christmas gift for them since it can keep them busy during your holiday visit.




This brings me to one of the best Christmas gifts of all time…



Image of an Aloe Vera plant in a pink pot to represent plants as one of the best Christmas gifts


Who doesn’t love a plant? Ok… so maybe some people will say: “I’m not good at taking care of plants,” or “I kill every plant I get.” But that’s where something like Horti comes in. They’re a NYC-based online plant store who’s primary mission is to connect people with the perfect plants for them. And they make sure you have all the tools and tips you need to properly care for your plant – even if you’ve got a small apartment or very little natural light.

One of my favorite things about them is that they work exclusively with small, sustainable businesses, so you know you’re money is going to a good place and not to some big corporation. So if you have any giftees who could use a little love, or who could use a lil dose of responsibility, this is perfect for them! By the way, you can get 10% off your order with this link.






Image of a New Yorker magazine cover puzzle. Puzzles are one of the best Christmas gifts for 2020



I’ve really reconnected with my love for puzzles during the covid lockdown, and these American-made puzzles from The New York Puzzle Company are super fun. I actually have this exact one. Their puzzles have fun designs, many of which are from old New Yorker Magazine covers, so they’ve got a bit of personality.

This is the best Christmas gift for any of the introverts in your life, or if you’re looking to bring people together during your family quarantine.

Classic Board Games… Reinvented!

What’s better than a classic board game? One that’s been reinvented with a sustainable backbone. This building block game (commonly known as Jenga) has been rebuilt with sustainability in mind. How? It’s made out of recycled bamboo chopsticks! There’s also another version made out of recycled fishing nets that comes in all black. It’s pretty slick if you ask me.

Image of a wooden building block game like Jenga, representing one of the best Christmas gifts




Adult Coloring Book


Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. Adult coloring books have become popular over the years, and are especially helpful for those who suffer with anxiety. And when there’s a global pandemic going on, I think we could all benefit from as many anxiety relieving activities as we can get. Here are just a couple of adult coloring books kicking around the internet or at your local bookstore.


Image of a motivational adult coloring book of swear words by Charla Bond


Image of an anti-racism coloring book with insightful quotes, one of the best Christmas gifts for 2020




This segues perfectly into my next idea for the best Christmas gifts…

Books on Anti-Racism


The world, and in particular the US, has had a massive racial awakening this year. And for many of us who’ve benefited from white privilege (and oh yes, that includes me), it’s time to dive deep into the racial systems around us to make sure we’re doing everything in our power to be part of the solution.

Below are couple of anti-racism books I’ve read this year, along with a few others on my list to read next. This could be a great way to get a dialogue going with your family about things that may never have been discussed, but are worth diving into (even if it’s unchartered territory).


Image of the book cover for "How to be an antiracist" by Ibram X. Kenedi


Image of the book cover for White Fragility: Why it's so hard for white people to talk about racism, by Robin Diangelo. One of the best Christmas gifts for 2020

A few others that come highly recommended are The New Jim Crow, Caste and Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You. You can get all of these at your local bookstore. They’re also available on Libro.FM.



Carbon Offsets


Image of windmills against a blue sky, sitting on a green hill




Ok, so I know this one is totally different from the Christmas gifts I’ve mentioned above. But it’s one that I gave to family members last year and they absolutely loved it!

You can purchase a carbon offset for all kinds of things like: air and car travel, your house/apartment, and even your individual footprint for an entire year! Pretty cool right? does a great job of making this super easy and offers a ton of different options based on how much you wanna spend and what you’d like to offset. Simply email or print out the certificate for the carbon offset, and you’ve got a quick gift that does more good than harm, which as you know is a rare find!


This is going to be the year of non-traditional gifts since we’re living in the weirdest year in a looonnggg time. But there are so many different ways to show your love for your family. It is a good time of the year to get creative. And there are some great, sustainable gifts that’ll help your loved ones get through those tough lock-downs.


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Happy Gifting!!! What are you planning on giving to your friends and family this year?

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