1% for the Planet

From its inception, Mama Eco started with one goal in mind: to have impact

And more specifically, to have an environmental impact
And while nothing about that goal has changed over the past few years, the definition of environmental impact has become so much more intersectional than you might think.
Because here’s the thing…

“The climate crisis impacts everyone. It’s just as much about social justice as it is environmental justice. It’s just as much about food security as organic agriculture. It’s just as much about voting rights as air pollution. It’s just as much about a global pandemic as global warming.

Yes, the environmental crisis is complex. But, the solution is simple: action.”
—1% for the Planet

Which is why Mama Eco is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a global movement of businesses who put their money where their mouth is. As a member, 1% of all revenue is donated to environmental justice organizations, who are creating an equitable and safe planet for everyone, regardless of their race, immigrant status, religion or income. We all deserve the right to clean air and water, safe living conditions, education and access to fresh food.
Every time you purchase a product through the Mama Eco website or work with me directly, you are choosing to be part of the solution, knowing that 1% of every dollar that comes in, is going towards crucial environmental justice causes.
I don’t ask much, but I will ask you 1 thing: #BeOnePercentBetter